The School of Creative Art Photography is a private education center with different way of learning: own programme, vision, values, and methodology and represents author’s approach to photography education. Everything we believes in is represented in the name of the school:

The School

At the school, we believe in systematic learning. Improving from basic level to the highest that can possibly be reached, transforming new learnings into a skill.

The course consists of theory, indoors and outdoors practice, homework, analysis and reflection, recommended and optional events. Unlike conventional schools, this one does not hold examinations or formal lessons.

Quite often students start off at a different level of knowledge in the field of photography. This, however, shall never be a problem when studying in the same group.

At the end of the course students may also end up at different levels. The outcome solely depends on each student’s motivation and input.

The study groups are quite small and this allows for every question to be answered and all problems and wishes to be addressed, making this course unique and individual.

Your learning process should not be limited by the classes. Students can use the school’s resources throughout their free time: they can come for one to one tutorials or informal chats, do additional tasks, study books from the library, use the equipment, develop, scan and print film in the laboratory, as well as use the studio space. We value your motivation and interest. This way students can fully benefit from the course. They can immerse in the topic and explore it as much as they want, regardless of their classmates.

It would be more accurate to call this School a Studio. Not a fashionable salon, as we might think of this word today. A workshop, if you like. This is a place where you can work on yourself and your development, getting to the results you want to achieve. A place where one practices until the result fully satisfies them. Similarly to gym classes under surveillance of a personal trainer, these classes are systematic and increase in their level of difficulty and “standards”. However, this particular personal trainer is very demanding and will not let it go until the student gets the skill they are aiming for..or, perhaps, ask him to leave.

of Creative

Photography is a vast field: informational, commercial, creative photography …you name it.

This School is based on studying Art Photography. Having said that, student often find that the skills and the knowledge obtained can be easily applied in the other fields.

Creativity means expression of one’s thoughts and feelings using their own ways.

There are two different point of views on how to judge creative abilities:

The first one is that every person is either born with it or not. If you are gifted the you do not even need to try – one day it will come naturally. If you aren’t – no point trying at all.

The second one says that everyone is predisposed to creativity in one or the other way. But it’s not enough to be predisposed, you need to develop it.

This school stands firmly behind the second point of view. Practice suggests that everyone is predisposed to creativity. However, one needs to keep developing creativity, otherwise, it might even disappear.

This school is for those who want to make photography their true and long time hobby, perhaps even way of living and a way to relax their creativity. It is for students who are ready to spend time on their passion. For those who want to soak up the new knowledge, master it and develop their abilities.

Thus, if you believe that you belong to the people who share the first point of view then this path might not be right for you. But if you agree with the second one then we are going to get along easily.

Creative issues:

Philosophy of photography and its distinction from other forms of art;
Creativity by means of photography;
Motivation, aims and objectives of photography;
Creative search and creative crisis;
Individuality, author’s view and realization;
Development of own photo project;


Art means aesthetics of the language of photography: emotional richness, harmony, culture, taste … Everything what brings the art of photography beyond the borders of documentary fixation.

Art issues:

Logical and emotional composition;
Work with space;
Work with forms;
Work with colors;
Work with light;
Work with objects of photography (objects, people, environment);
Genres of photography (portrait, landscapes, still life…)


Photography needs to remain being photography regardless of all the creativity and artistry. There are many types of art that use photography and photographic depiction in one or the other way. All of them are beautiful and are different from the self sufficient Photography in the same way as Photography is different from them and is beutiful on its own. This is exactly the typoe of photography that we deal with at the School.

Technical issues:

Equipment (different photo cameras, digital and film technologies);
Technical principles of photography;
Optics (lenses and their capacity);
Light (sunlight, studio light, combined light);
Computer programs: Lightroom, Photoshop;
Additionally – film developing and processing, scanning, etc.


Every two years the School changes its location.

Moving is a great way to keep progressing and developing.
The School travels from one country to another, from one studio to another to stay fresh, alive and saturated, using only the good experiences from previous years.
Riga (2011 – 2013) ➝ London (2013 – 2015) ➝ Berlin (2015 – 2017) ➝ Munich  (2018 – ?)


* In order to understand whether the School suits you or not, you are welcome to come for a month of trial classes.

  • No artworks in interests