Latvian Lighthouses

The Lighthouse. At first glance, it is a technical device used for navigation, a signal for the ships. The device with a simple mechanism. But if we take a closer look at it — that from a different point of view — perhaps, we would notice that a lot more is hiding behind the simple mechanism…
Caring, soaked in the breeze of the Baltic Sea, they are always there to greet and to see off sailors. Regardless of the weather, season, wars… Whatever happens — their destiny is to hold the post as long as they remain necessary to us, the people.
Each of the historic lighthouses in Latvia is unlike the other. Each has its own age, size, style, and history. Each of them has its face, character, and destiny. Some of them are still inhabited, and the people who live there care for them as if they were their family. The rest are abandoned and forgotten.
Unfortunately, lighthouses are gradually losing their value, while being the cultural heritage of Latvia. The recent advances in technology transformed these architectural and historical objects into lifeless and monotonous warning devices on a metal carcass. They become less human, and embrace less history, culture, and life.
This project comprises a selection of 12 historic lighthouses from across the coast of Latvia. Most of these lighthouses are not accessible to the public. The project does not cover modern lighthouses — the metal structures — as well as two lighthouses further away in the sea.
The project united 13 photographers and a musician — the author of the soundtrack created using also the sounds from the lighthouses and their vicinity. Through the art photography and music, we intend to take the audience to the amazing atmosphere that surrounds and fills the lighthouses, and help them absorb this whole world on the border of the land and the sea, the human and…
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